Hurricane Ike's coming our way.
I'm not really scared, but we have to evacuate..

Which makes me nervous.
We are going all the way to Austin this weekend.
I hope I can meet some lolita's there!

But I'm confused to why Austin, since Ike's path is
hitting Corpus, then straight up to Austin..
But I suppose it'll just be a storm when it comes to Austin..
Just a bunch of rain and stuff.

Oh ya, today's my birthday. :3
Yaaaay! ;A; I so old..

I've gotten zillions of happy birthdays.
My boyfriend bought me this really cute ANGELIC PRETTY sailor suit OP!
I can't wait to get it!!

& Closet Child is holding onto a Btssb Ice cream Jsk :3
I'm so excited to buy that one too for my birthday!!
I hope I can. Its a really lovely jsk. Its the pink x red~


Lately, I've been noticing a lot of Sanrio stores closing down through out the US. I wonder why sales have been down here. But I guess thats why they call it a recession. They closed down the one I used to visit frequently (About every other week) about a year or 2 ago. I would go visit my sister who lives in Austin, about 3 hours away from where I live, & would go to that Sanrio. But gas has been a problem & haven't visited a Sanrio store in a year! I'm not even sure that store is still up. ;A;

Well, until today. A friend of mine told me that they have a small Sanrio store in the Trading Center in CC. So today I checked it out. Its pretty legit! I bought out the store. I'm even surprised my mom didn't tell me anything about grabbing things & stopping me. I bought a load of things.. all of which I don't need & will most likely never use. But I suppose that wouldn't Sanrio if so. :3

Collapse )

I posted some of the pictures onto my Pupe site. & instantly I got comments!

I'm also thinking about going back next weekend and buying more things so I can have a sales post. Its a shame that so many cities are going Sanrio-less. But don't fear! Leah is here to help you out. I will buy and sell. Mucho great kawaii things! *I can't believe I just used english, spanish, & japanese in one small sentence!*

On another note: I'm trying to convience my mom to buy me 3 pairs of AP replica shoes from Secret Shop. So far, nothing. She ignores the very question. But.. I'll get it soon. ;o; Hopefully.. If they even still have my size and color in stock! ;3; I cry at night...
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